High Pressure Water Spray Gun

High Pressure Water Spray Gun

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Product Description

We bring to you this water spray gun which is made from metal which can be used for various cleaning purposes. It is ergonomically shaped and comes with a die cast zinc hose nozzle body along with a soft green vinyl grip for a comfortable grip. The water spray gun working at different pressure levels.

Multipurpose Spray Gun

The water spray gun can be used for multiple purpose. It can be used to wash vehicles like two wheeler and cars. It can also be used to clean floors or as a spray for watering plants. The unique feature of the spray gun is it can be operated at different pressure levels where the level of water pressure can be adjusted to suit your requirements when it comes to gardening or general washing. Simply attach the spray gun to the water hose and you are good to go.

This high pressure water gun is an ideal for car vehicle cleaning,floor cleaning, gardening etc
The car presure washare work with 1/2 inch Pipe diameter. The washing guns also work at different pressures
The top and pipe connector is made with brass. Ergonomic Grip for comfortable use, there is lock pin to continue flow water
Durable, best choice is that it can be used for a long time, we provide hose clamp for attach pipe
The minimum pressure should be 0.5 bar in your tap.(this water sprayer will give you the best result if your water tank height is more than 20 feet)

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