Spray Wiper Tool - Cleaning Tool

Spray Wiper Tool - Cleaning Tool

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Product Description

Window Cleaners Water Spray Wiper Tool/ Car Window Washing Tool/ Household Window Cleaning

Features & Benefits :

✅ Streak-free glass cleaner Simply fill with tap water.  

✅ No harsh chemicals Pivoting head for access to every angle Reusable microfiber bonnets.

✅ Machine washable Button trigger spray nozzle for easy cleaning Use dry for dusting glass and benchtops Folds away for easy storage and travel Useful for cars, mirrors, benchtops, and more The Windshield Wizard can we used with simple tap water.

✅ No need for harsh chemicals. Windshield Wizard's microfiber bonnets are machine washable, so they can be easily reused again and again. The Windshield Wizard works perfectly on mirrors, benchtops, glass tanks, and can even be used dry as a handy duster.

Micro Fibers :

✅ The Windshield Wizard has a soft microfiber scrubber that allows you to gently clean your windshield without scratching the glass.

✅ The scrubber doubles and has a built-in super absorbent shammy.

✅ This helps to easily absorb moisture and allows the microfibers to polish glass without leaving any streaks or residue.

✅ Microfiber bonnets are also machine washable and completely reusable.

Ergonomics :

✅ The Windshield Wizard features a pivoting head that allows you to reach into all the tight to reach places.

✅ The added reach of the handle also helps you clean those spots without struggling.

Dispenser :

✅ The ergonomic handles have a built-in reservoir that fills with tap water. Then, with the touch of the spray button, the Windshield Wizard will dispense water, allowing you to clean and polish without using any harmful or expensive cleaning products.

★ ★ Packeged Including :

1 x Auto Car Water Spray Wiper Tool

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