Thick Lint & Streak-Free Multipurpose Cloths

Thick Lint & Streak-Free Multipurpose Cloths

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Product Description

This product delivers high-quality products made of Lint free microfiber for the interior and exterior of any vehicle! Use microfiber products to clean paint, leather, wheels, glass, interior and so much more. The uses are literally endless, enjoy the top quality microfiber products.

Cleaning Made Easy

The cloth is made of super-fine microfiber material for easy cleaning of toughest grease, dirt and spills on your car. The high absorbent and non-abrasive property of the fiber gives you the convenience of cleaning all surfaces of the car. The cloth will attract and trap the dirt in midst of the microfibers until they are soaked in water. The cloth ensures that there are no residues, dust, dirt or grime left behind on the surface of your car. The cloth is lightweight and handy that requires minimal amount of water and cleaning agents for cleaning your car exteriors.

Super Soft

The cleaning towels are made of soft microfiber material combined of polyester and nylon. The soft texture of the fabric makes it ideal for cleaning interiors, glass, painted body, wheel and undercarriage of your car. The cloth is woven of simple and minute fabric that is 100 times finer than your hair strands. This fabric has soft texture. It is ideal for cleaning and polishing your car exteriors and interiors without worrying about causing scuffs or scratches. The cloth is designed to be extremely gentle on the painted and polished surfaces of your car. The microfiber cloth is ideal for wiping off dirt and impurities on bonnet, windshield, dashboard, upholstery, mirrors.

Effective Exterior Cleaning

The microfiber cleaning cloth will ensure a non-abrasive wiping on your car’s exterior surfaces. The cloth is ideal for cleaning your car exteriors without damaging its finish or perfection. The versatile fabric cloth can be used in wet and dry conditions for effective cleaning of car exteriors. The microfiber cloth will absorb up to 98% of moisture and hold up liquids 3-4 times its weight. The cloth has a sturdy and durable design for the finest wiping or scrubbing on any car surface without affecting the paint.

Impeccable Interior Cleaning

The SoftSpun cloth is ideal for dry or damp cleaning of hard vinyl surfaces including dashboard, instrument panel, compartments, door handles, doors, seat belt connections, glove box, side compartments in doors, gear lever and steering wheel. Keep a cloth always ready in your car dashboard for wiping food or beverage spills on the seats and accessories. The cloth will help you maintain the car interiors neat and tidy in long journeys.

Glossy Finishing on Glass

The cloth is ideal for cleaning your car’s glass surfaces such as windshields, windows, mirrors and lights. The high absorbent cloth does not leave behind any water spots on the glass surfaces after cleaning. The cloth will be a perfect accessory for cleaning the glass components of your car. It provides a tough and effective cleaning of the spots and dirt on the glass surface without leaving any fibers.


The cloth is ideal for cleaning off dirt from the car wheel and undercarriage with its high dirt repellant capability. The cloth will easily absorb dirt from every nook of the wheel and repels it off when soaked in water. The microfiber cloth has static energy for sucking up dust particles on the wheels and brakes.

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