Universal Silicone Mobile Phone Holder

Universal Silicone Mobile Phone Holder

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Product Description

Introducing the finest and most advanced mobile holder stand for all 2 wheelers - bikes, cycles, motorbikes etc. A companion you can rely on for years. Ideal for all men and boys, women and girls, this gadget is sure to make your life easier. You will remember Vatsas Silicone Mobile Holder for its premiumness when it comes to motorcycle or bike accessories

Why you should own Vatsas Mobile Holder now?

Easier to use - With simple watch band type holder, you can easily mount the holder to any handlebar or rod and this works as perfect cradle to your phone. With your phone attached, you are all set to enjoy the ride.
Long lasting - We paid special attention on how this gadget should be made with a perfect balance of innovation and craftsmanship. We make all our gadgets with keeping the most important thing in mind, "Quality". Vatsas products might be slightly higher on the pocket aspect but you can stay assured that they will not break in the middle of your journey.
Universal Design - Compatible with wide range of smartphones with screen-size between 4 inches to 7 inches. Does not interfere with your phone's power or volume buttons, charger port or camera lens.
Ideal for GPS Navigation on the go - Just mount your cell-phone, fix the phone holder on your bike's handlebar or dashboard, and you are all set to explore the unknown places.

You can use your phone as Action Camera. If your camera is in the top middle range of your phone, you have enough space for recording videos while riding.

Multiple Uses - Can be used on any motorcycle, bicycles, baby stroller, shopping cart or kitchen. All you need is a straight bar where you can mount this extremely useful gadget.

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